You Look Fabulous In Those Pants

Im craving chips bad but i cant even go to the store D: 

Wouldn’t it be better to remove the toe nail?

they did remove it

is it gonna be better after it heals fully?

probably not, this is the fifth time ive had to get this surgery

what for?

my ingrown toenail

Ugh my foot huuuurts…

darklordcalicorn answered your post: So peeps that play league and are lvl …

I’ll join if you still need people. I’m currently Gold V on NA, ign is RainbowMilfLord.

Actually just something i want to do for fun, never enough people, add me in game, darttels, lets do the funs, no worries about rank, kinda just want to play with followers :p

i got surgery on my feet today, so im not in the best of moods

So peeps that play league and are lvl 30, who wants to make a ranked team with me to work towards team rewards??